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Train Pitch Recognition from the convenience of your iPhone, iPad, or laptop computer with gameSense Pitch-IQ™.  We'll show you a pitch and you tell us: Was it a ball? Strike? Riseball? Change up?


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What is Pitch Recognition? The ability to quickly and accurately identify pitch type, location and speed. It is essential to hitting. But hitters must see pitches to develop the skill.

In 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week you can see 1,000’s of pitches from top-grade professional, college, and travel pitchers. Every pitch the hitter decides: Dropball or Curve? Ball or Strike? We challenge a hitter’s pitch recognition by showing them less of the pitch. This is called temporal occlusion, a proven method for training reflexive decisions like hitting. With practice a hitter doesn’t think about it -- they just "see the ball and hit the ball."

Welcome the next evolution of training & testing hitters.

gS™ Softball Vision Training Software


  • Better timing: Reading the pitch type and initial ball flight within about 20 feet of the release point allows hitters to make better swing decisions and better swing adjustments. In other words, better timing.

  • Pitch recognition is not a calculation; it is an association. What you see out of the pitcher’s hand associates with pitch location, velocity and movement. It comes from thousands of plate appearances but can be accelerated with proper training. 

  • Swing at strikes, not balls. You develop plate discipline by recognizing the pitch early. This is how you achieve selective aggressiveness. You recognize a good pitch to hit and because you’re visually prepared, you don’t miss it. Be the type of “selectively aggressive” hitter that pitchers hate to face. 

  • Confidence comes with preparation. Step into the box feeling like you have seen that pitcher, or one like them, hundreds of times.

  • Swing mechanics are only part of the story. Pitch Recognition testing shows if a struggling hitter’s problem is not “seeing” the ball”. Do this before changing swing mechanics and creating a slump.

  • Improve offensive statistics: Early pitch recognition improves success in the box. Hitters with greater pitch recognition walk more, strike out less, chase fewer pitches out of the zone and have a higher slugging percentage.

  • Track performance: Individuals and coaches can track improvement, see strengths/weaknesses and compete against their teammates or other users.

  • Opponent preparation: Film your own pitchers or opponent pitchers to train for future games and custom drills.


Used by the top Olympic, NPF, College, High School and Travel Teams

“She’s feeling more confident and has been hitting much better - she actually hit her first ever home run last week.”
— Parent
“If you can get better at this, you can get better at hitting. It’s not all about the mechanics of the swing. This gives you a head start on everything...”

— Arizona Diamondbacks Hitting Coordinator Chris Cron
“At first, I didn’t see a change, then after about two weeks they were laying off pitches they used to chase.”

— DI Pitching Coach
“We needed to see more live pitching, so we invested in gameSense. And we saw significant improvements in our hitting at the national championships after using it.”

—Australian National team member Leigh Godfrey

“The videos work incredibly! I have noticed that rather than picking the ball up when the pitch is out of the pitchers hand and already coming towards me, I am seeing the ball even before the pitcher releases it.”

— DI Player
“Right off the bat I was thinking, ‘Man, I wish this was something that I had when I was playing”

— MLB Hitting Coach


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