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gS Pitch-IQ™ & Fastpitch-IQ™ is a training aid for hitters that improves PITCH RECOGNITION, increasing quality at-bats, on-base %, and ultimately runs

gS is a convenient and affordable hitting tool that allows more ”game time” training. gS is the choice for youth, college and professional players and organizations looking to improve on-base %, run production, and strikeout-to-walk ratio (K/BB). Increase Your Reaction Time with gS


I think (gS Pitch Recognition) is outstanding and something that is neglected by all most all hitters and coaches....
— HS Head Baseball Coach
Last night, guy threw him a change up, I saw him hold up and stay back, then drilled a line drive. The pitcher said that was his best change up, but my son said he saw how he was holding it when he came through and knew it was a change. This stuff works!!!
— Travel Ball Parent
At first, I didn’t see a change, then after about two weeks they were laying off pitches they used to chase.
— DI Pitching Coach
Right off the bat I was thinking, ‘Man, I wish this was something that I had when I was playing
— MLB Hitting Coach
The videos work incredibly! I have noticed that rather than picking the ball up when the pitch is out of the pitchers hand and already coming towards me, I am seeing the ball even before the pitcher releases it.
— DI Player

gS Pitch-IQ™ & Fastpitch-IQ are online and mobile apps that trains hitters by using the science of occlusion

By showing just the first few seconds of a pitch, a hitter's eyes and brain must learn to focus on the correct cues. 

Watch the video demo


Test an important skill and compare to others. 


Determine strengths and weaknesses in identifying pitches.


Train against college, pro and high school pitchers. 


View real pitches from real pitchers. Access online or mobile.



Benefits Of Testing And Training Pitch Recognition

  • Reading the pitch type and initial ball flight within about 20 feet of pitch release allows hitters to make better swing decisions and swing adjustments. In other words, timing.

  • Pitch recognition is not a calculation; it is an association. What you see out of the pitcher’s hand associated with what it means at the plate. It comes from thousands of plate appearances but can be accelerated with proper training. 

  • You beat the strikeout pitch by recognizing and laying off. Get a better pitch to hit and do damage. 

  • Confidence comes with preparation. Step into the box feeling like you have seen that pitcher, or one like himor her, hundreds of times.
  • Pitch Recognition testing shows if a struggling hitter’s problem is not “seeing” the ball. Do this before changing swing mechanics and creating a slump.
  • Be the type of “selectively aggressive” hitter that pitchers hate to face.
  • Film your own pitchers or opponent pitchers to train for future games.

Listen to Steve Bieser, Head Coach for the SEC's University of Missouri baseball program, talk about the gS pitch recognition program he initiated at SEMO, with Dr. Peter Fadde of gS Sports.

Good training routine from a young inspiring ballplayer

With the organisation of drills, I try to pick a pitcher, and work until I score at least 200, then move on. If there’s an advanced version, I work there until I score 200. If not, I move on to a new pitcher. This way of advancing just made sense, not leaving a job half finished or giving up prematurely.

The selection of pitcher, I think, was to prepare me for higher levels. If you only look forwards, then there’s only one way to go. In the same way, if you only train for stronger competition, for better players, then you can only get better. It’s preparing me for more advanced play and a long career at the highest level. At least, that’s how I feel.


gS Pitch-IQ uses the proven video-occlusion method. Players view video clips of pitches that were shot from a batter’s box point-of-view. The pitch videos are cut off at different points of ball flight. The player identifies the TYPE of pitch and/or the LOCATION of the pitch in the strike zone. The player gets immediate feedback on the correctness of his choices and can view a full ball-flight replay to reinforce “what I see out of the pitcher’s hand” with “what it means at the plate.” 

The easy to understand occlusion method relies on repetition, immediate feedback, and progressive difficulty (like a video game) to build players’ pitch recognition. They don’t need to (and should not) mentally “grind” to recognize pitches. Coaches can provide clues (skinny wrist for curveball) or strategies (shift focus from pitcher’s cap to release window), but the work is done inside the mechanism by players’ eyes and brains.  

Other systems use staged video of pitchers shot in a studio, or 3D Virtual Reality (VR) modeling of pitchers but gameSense is committed to Real Video (RV) of real pitchers throwing real pitches to real hitters in real games. We can even include video of pitchers you will face next.

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Pitch IQ from gameSense Sports Named Best of Show at 2017 ABCA Convention

Editor/Collegiate Baseball

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Sixteen innovative products at the recent American Baseball Coaches Association convention trade show in Anaheim were awarded Best of Show certificates by Collegiate Baseball.

There were 71 nominations submitted to Collegiate Baseball for the contest which showcases the top new baseball products of 2016.

The 73rd ABCA Convention in Anaheim featured 309 companies that exhibited their products.

Now in its 18th year, the Best of Show awards from Collegiate Baseball encompass a wide variety of concepts and applications that are new to baseball.

Here are the winners, chosen by Collegiate Baseball’s Best of Show selection committee.

gameSense Pitch IQ
Pitch recognition is integral to hitting. Yet traditionally, the only way to train it was to get quality at-bats. And as we know, quality at-bats are in short supply. Thanks to the innovation of gameSense Sports, you now can train and test pitch recognition. Not only can you sit on the couch and become a better hitter, coaches can integrate this company’s pitch recognition drills and App into their cage, tee and stand in drills.

gS Pitch-IQ™ is an online and mobile application software for serious baseball hitters

 Download Pitch-IQ : Baseball Pitch Recognition Training App 

Download Pitch-IQ : Baseball Pitch Recognition Training App 

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Download Fastpitch-IQ : Softball Pitch Recognition Training App