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Fastpitch-IQ Pitch Recognition Testing and Training


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gameSense Sports trains athletes to make faster decisions, enhancing anticipation and play making ability. 

gameSense Sports is scientifically validated, easily accessible and affordable.

We often hear the term “instinct” thrown around when discussing what makes a certain athlete great. The great masters of sports have a supernatural ability to anticipate their opponent’s moves or see shots or passes no one else does. Indeed, the best in any sport seem to have an instinctual understanding of their sport. They instinctively understand the rules of the game, the flow of action and reaction. They instinctively see all the opportunities and calamities unfolding around them. And they decide, most of the time non-consciously, what to do.

But an athlete’s ability to react and anticipate is not entirely instinctual. Instinct implies something innate, something you are born with. No one is born with an ability to recognize a curveball, a play-action pass, or an open teammate in the corner. Those abilities are learned. They are only possible with thousands of hours of practice and experience. The best athletes do not have good “instincts.” The best athletes are experts in gameSense, the ability to foresee the outcome of game events with great accuracy.

Want to Improve your reaction time?

Train your brain

gameSense is the next level in athletic training. We have already deeply explored the potential of weight training, cardiovascular training, nutrition, injury treatment and prevention. We have explored the realm of sport psychology too, that is “How do psychological factors affect performance and other physical factors and the reverse. “How do physical factors affect psychological factors.”


Test an important skill and compare to others. 


Determine strengths and weaknesses.


Train against college, pro and high school players. 


View real situations from real games. Access online or mobile.

Truthfully, that distinction of psychological and physical is not as defined as we may think. The Mind and Body are an integrated system constantly reacting to the internal and external environments. We have only begun to have the tools and theories to further our understanding of how this system operates.

gameSense Sports is leading the revolution in neuro-cognitive sports training and testing. We are experts in the brain, learning, neurophysiology and athletic performance. We use decades of scientific research and advanced technologies to test and train gameSense in athletes. Our products are designed to target highly specialized tasks, specific to each sport and essential to success

Benefits Of Testing And Training gameSense

  • Reading the cues of the situation as it unfolds allows an athlete to make better decisions and adjustments. In other words, timing.

  • "Instinct" is not a calculation; it is an association. What you see associated with what it means. It comes from thousands of repetitions accelerated with proper training. 

  • You beat the decoy, fake and intention by recognizing them and adjusting. Make your opponent play your game. 

  • Confidence comes with preparation. Step on to the field feeling like you have seen that situation, or one like it, hundreds of times.
  • gameSense testing shows if a struggling athlete's problem is not “seeing” the action. Do this before changing techniques or schemes.
  • Be the type of “selectively aggressive” athlete that opponents hate to face.
  • Film opponents to train for future games.

Pitch IQ from gameSense Sports Named Best of Show at 2017 ABCA Convention

Editor/Collegiate Baseball

gameSense Pitch IQ
Pitch recognition is integral to hitting. Yet traditionally, the only way to train it was to get quality at-bats. And as we know, quality at-bats are in short supply. Thanks to the innovation of gameSense Sports, you now can train and test pitch recognition. Not only can you sit on the couch and become a better hitter, coaches can integrate this company’s pitch recognition drills and App into their cage, tee and stand in drills.

GAMESENSE IS HELPING athletes be their best

We’ve been breaking down film for a lot of years but this is something different. You can see the players getting sharper, quicker in their recognition.
— DI Coach
When your recognition skills get good, the game slows down. There are really just a couple of keys and then you know where you are going.
— NFL Player
When we first tested guys I was really amazed at how bad they were at very basic reads. But now they do the video tests I KNOW that they are seeing what they’re supposed to see out there.”
— DI Coach


gameSense uses the proven occlusion method. Players view sport specific actions and situations from the athlete’s point-of-view. The actions are cut off or blocked at different points. The player tries to guess the outcomes, and then gets immediate feedback on the correctness of choices. After the outcome is revealed, the player can watch the replay to reinforce “what I see” with “what it means.”

The easy to understand occlusion method relies on repetition, immediate feedback, and progressive difficulty (like a video game) to build players’ understanding of sport patterns. They don’t need to (and should not) mentally “grind” to recognize patterns. Coaches can provide clues or strategies, but the work is done inside the mechanism by players’ eyes and brains. 

gameSense is committed to Real Science.

We only use proven techniques and strategies.

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    Pitch-IQ™ Pitch Recognition Testing and Training

    improve reaction time in fastpitch softball

    Fastpitch Softball

    Fastpitch-IQ™ Pitch Recognition Testing and Training

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    FB-IQ™ Football Intelligence Testing and Training