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For Teams, gS Pitch-IQ program starts with baseline testing of all the hitters on your team. It uses a scientifically validated, 98-pitch video-occlusion test that has been taken by hundreds of hitters. Coaches and players can compare their Pitch Recognition (PR) scores against the overall database of minor league and elite college hitters.

With baseline gameSense PR scores, a coach can track improvements of the team or individual players. PR scores can be used to create profiles of hitters (more selective, more aggressive) that help you turn batters into the best hitter of their type rather than change who they are.

Baseline PR scores aid in “slump busting.” If a batter is performing below expectation, he could have an issue with confidence, or vision, or approach, or mechanics. You can re-test his PR (the test is designed for repeated use with no learning effect) and determine if there is a change in how he “sees” pitches – and then fix what’s broken. 


  • Reading the pitch type and initial ball flight within about 20 feet of pitch release allows hitters to make better swing decisions and swing adjustments. In other words, timing.

  • Pitch recognition is not a calculation; it is an association. What you see out of the pitcher’s hand associated with what it means at the plate. It comes from thousands of plate appearances but can be accelerated with proper training. 

  • You beat the strikeout pitch (as it is called in a major league team’s hitting book) by recognizing and laying off. Get a better pitch to hit and do damage. 

  • Confidence comes with preparation. Step into the box feeling like you have seen that pitcher, or one like him, hundreds of times.
  • Pitch Recognition testing shows if a struggling hitter’s problem is not “seeing” the ball. Do this before changing swing mechanics and creating a slump.
  • Be the type of “selectively aggressive” hitter that pitchers hate to face.
  • Film opponent pitchers to train for future games.

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gS Pitch-IQ™ is an online and mobile application for serious baseball hitters

 Download Pitch-IQ: Pitch Recognition Training App

Download Pitch-IQ: Pitch Recognition Training App


The Science behind Visual Training and Cognitive Training in Baseball

gS Pitch-IQ™ uses the proven video-occlusion method. Players view video clips of pitches that were shot from a batter’s box point-of-view. The pitch videos are cut off at different points of ball flight. The player identifies the TYPE of pitch and/or the LOCATION of the pitch in the strike zone. The player gets immediate feedback on the correctness of his choices and can view a full ball-flight replay to reinforce “what I see out of the pitcher’s hand” with “what it means at the plate.” 

The easy to understand occlusion method relies on repetition, immediate feedback, and progressive difficulty (like a video game) to build players’ pitch recognition. They don’t need to (and should not) mentally “grind” to recognize pitches. Coaches can provide clues (skinny wrist for curveball) or strategies (shift focus from pitcher’s cap to release window), but the work is done inside the mechanism by players’ eyes and brains.  

Other systems use staged video of pitchers shot in a studio, or 3D Virtual Reality (VR) modeling of pitchers but gameSense is committed to Real Video (RV) of real pitchers throwing real pitches to real hitters in real games. We can even include video of pitchers you will face next.

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