Pitch IQ Team Memberships

In 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week you get 1,000 pitches from top-grade professional, college, and travel pitchers. Every pitch you decide: Fastball or Curve? Ball or Strike? Until you don't think about it -- you just "see the ball and hit the ball."

We'll track your team progress and rank them against each other and peers.

Improve your pitch recognition and increase quality at-bats, on-base %, and ultimately runs.


Basic Membership

BASIC includes Access for 9 Hitters
Unlimited Drills for 10 Pro/College Pitchers & All Travel/HS Pitchers
Test - Track Progress - Assign Drills


$3/extra hitter


$10/extra hitter


$10/extra hitter

Premium Membership

PREMIUM includes Access for 22 Hitters
Unlimited Drills for Unlimited Pitchers and Specialty Drills w/ ability to Film your Opponents
Test - Track Progress - Assign Drills