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Tom Pardikes, Ph.D.
CEO/President and Founder


Dr. Tom Pardikes is a psychological scientist and entrepreneur. He is a leader in Sport Science, trained in psychophysiology and cognitive science. 

Tom is an authority in sport performance technologies and practices. He has worked with top athletes from around the world, developing innovative approaches and technologies. Dr. Pardikes has the unique ability to bridge the gap between science, application and business.

Tom has focused on the interaction between conscious and non-conscious behaviors over the last decade. Dr. Pardikes is an expert on autonomic function, decision-making, sports performance, neuro-cognitive training, analytics and biofeedback. Dr. Pardikes has trained with clinical psychologists, engaged in therapeutic treatments, performance psychology and neuropsychological assessment.

Dr. Pardikes decided to begin designing and building sports related technologies in 2011. He has helped build several sport technology companies serving as Director of Product Development for Cyton8 Sports and NeuroSport Performance. He was Director of Sports Science and Performance at Elite Sports Services as well. He has helped develop multiple devices and software designed to test and train high speed decision-making, situational decision-making, attention and autonomic control.

Prior to his scientific and therapeutic careers, Tom was an accomplished athlete. He played baseball, basketball and football in high school. Tom played college football at Humboldt State University. Following college, Tom was invited to play and later coach in the European football leagues.

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